High School Cross Country Hall of Fame
2013 Inductee
Sara Hall
2000 FLCC Champ, 4x CA State CC Champ, 7x All-American, US Road 5K Champion

2013 Inductee
Adam Goucher
3x FLCC Finalist 1993 FLCC Champ, NCAA XC Champ, 3xNCAA Track Champ, US XC Champ, 6th @ World XC




2013 Recipient
Ronn Blaha was awarded the FLCC Spirit Award for his work with the FLCC Championships throughout the years.

2012 Inductee
Deena (Drossin) Kastor was a 4 time FLCC Finalist, Olympic silver medalist, 4 time US 10k Champ, 7 timeUS CC Champ, 8 time NCAA All-American, US Record Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

2012 Inductee
Lori Shauvin was named to the FLCC HOF for her continued support of the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships.







2011 Inductees
Jen Rhines, 1990 & 1991 Finalist went on to become one of the top distance runners in the United States.
Lori Ann Kober (not pictured) has worked tirelessly with FLCC as part of Foot Locker's team.

2010 Inductee
Max Mayo, South Regional Coordinator and National Meet Director, has been involved with FLCC since it began.




2009 Inductee
Four-time FLCC Finalist, 1998 FLCC Champ, 2002 NCAA Champ and 2008 Olympian Jorge Torres was the 2009 Foot Locker Cross Country Hall of Fame inductee.

2008 Inductees
2x FLCC Champ and Balboa Park course record holder Melody Fairchild and 1985 Champ and Balboa Park course record holder Ruben Reina were inducted into the HOF.

2007 Inductee
Ryan Hall, 2000 Foot Locker Finalist and 2008 Olympian, was the 2007 Foot Locker Hall of Fame inductee
2006 Inductee
For his 23 years of service and innovations to Foot Locker CC and his commitment to CC in general, FLCC Midwest Regional coordinator Peter Henkes was inducted into the HOF.
2003 Inductees
Suzy Favor-Hamilton and Bob Kennedy were named to the Foot Locker Cross Country Hall of Fame in 2003 due to accomplishments over their long running careers.
2004 Inductee
Meb Keflezighi was the 2004 inductee into the Foot Locker Cross Country Hall of Fame.
2005 Inductee
1994 FLCC Champ Matt Downin was the 2005 HOF inductee.