Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Michael Anderson           South Regional

National Finish: 37 Time:16:29
Regional Finish: 8 Time:15:12

Hometown: Williston, FL
High School: PK Yonge Developmental Researc
Grade: 12
Personal Records
800m 2:04
1600m 4:26
3200m 9:28
2005 & 2006 State XC Champ
2006 State 3200m Champ 
1st FL All-Star

Hobbies: Paintball, frisbee, archery

Most influential person/people: XC Team
Would like to meet: Christopher Paolini

Michael Anderson
Overall feelings about the race: not the best, it was a hard coure and a hard race with a bad start and no opportunity to gain possition, overall i did the best i could given the conditions and am glad to have had this expeience.
Best part of the race:  crossing the finish line!

Personal note:  thank you all for all your support and help. i am the runner i am now because of my team and coach, without them i would not be in this position and would not be able to have had the opportunity for this event.


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