Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Betsy Bies           Midwest Regional

National Finish: 12 Time:18:26
Regional Finish: 8 Time:18:01

Hometown: Yankton, SD
High School: Yankton High School
Grade: 12
Personal Records
800m 2:16
1600m 4:58
3200m 10:45
2005 State XC Champ
2005 FLXC 10th Place 
4x State Team XC Champ

Hobbies: Running, listening to music, watching movies

Would like to meet: Grandpa Denny
Superstition: Lucky socks

Betsy Bies
Overall feelings about the race: ugh. ok, so the first 1.5 miles there is always a pretty big pack. the start was pretty crazy. it went out slow like 2:45 for the first half mile so the pack never really thinned out til 2-2.5 miles. the whole race i tried to keep my head up and stay with the pack that was gradually pulling away. it was hot, and my legs were definitely feeling the heat. NTN was last week, and it kinda played a role in me not feeling the greatest. i tried to gut it out, and actually passed a girl at the finish.
Best part of the race:  the start. i felt really confident, but knew i was gonna feel last week's race around 2 miles, which i did. but, the start felt great it didn't go out fast like i was expecting and i was pretty relaxed considering i was in the middle of the joustling pack.

Personal note:  thanks so much for coming to support me! i'm sorry all my teammates couldn't come watch :( thanks for thinking of me! also thanks to everyone in Yankton who was cheering me on at home.


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