Foot Locker Cross Country Championships

Evan Appel           Midwest Regional

National Finish: 29 Time:16:12
Regional Finish: 5 Time:15:12

Hometown: Littleton, CO
High School: Dakota Ridge Senior High
Grade: 10
Personal Records
800m 2:01
5000m 15:04
mile 4:22
2006 All Colorado Boys XC
2005 & 2006 5A All State 
Colorado XC 5A Champ

Hobbies: Running, model building

Running hero: Pre, Galen Rupp, El Guerrouj
Most influential person/people: Parents, coach

Evan Appel
Overall feelings about the race: I am not good at acceleration, so I fell right into place #40 from the beginning. I was planning on moving up throughout the race, but I had mental problems and I became discouraged when I met resistance. I had the strength, and the power but I just couldnt let myself take the pain and move up. I moved up to 29th place by the end. I am glad that I have 2 more years to prove what I am really made of.
Best part of the race:  Definatly the steep hills. Not many people can out climb me on a hill and it was that way again today. I probably passed at least 8 people on both of the hills. I had this sort of "Just try and stop me" kind of attitude and I moved up. I was really confident.

Personal note:  Shout outs to: Everyone on the DRHS XC team, everyone at Dakota Ridge, my family on the Appel side, my family on the Vandervelde side, everybody at the BRC, Dad, Mom, Austin, Steve Weeks, Kevin Williams, Henry Cowhick, the guys that put on this race, Camp Isiah, Mark S., Mike Callor, Sara Callor, all if any fans, Blake, Sean, Alexa, Paige, Chris, Tosha, the freshman, everyone from DC, the Lians, everyone that supports the sport, the state of Colorado, anyone reading this, all college coaches ;), Adam Goucher(hero), Galen Rupp(another hero), and thats about it...


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