2019 National Championships

Boys Race

Methner settled into the pack for the first half of the race before pushing to the finish for the victory.

3 Start

4 Start


1200m 2

1200m 3

1200m 4

1200m 5

1200m 6

1200m 7

1200m 8

1200m 9

1200m 10

1200m 11

1300m Greer


2400m (2)


1200m lead pack

1300m Greer2

1300m Methner

1300m Cannon

2400m Anderson

2400m Morris-Greer

2400m Morris

2400m Spamer

2400m Boyden

2400m Higinbothan-Peattie-Puffer

2400m OBrien

2400m Ibrahim

2400m Mortensen

2400m Favazza-CreedThompson

2400m Wachtel

2400m Cannon

2400m CAnderson

2400m CAnderson (2)

2400m Roberts

2400m Griffin

1 Midwest Huddle

2 West Huddle