Midwest Regional

Girls Seeded Race Action

Cold temperatures and a strong wind made for cold conditions.

Durkin at the start next to Infeld

And they're off!

Durkin got out early.

Infeld also aggressive at the start.

Durkin did not like the wind in the first 1000m

Infeld has her sights on the hill.

Top returner from a year ago, Sisson wore #1.

Durkin sets the pace early.

Flood looks for Durkin.

Durkin, Sisson, Flood at 300m.

Durkin, Sisson, Flood at 400m.

Flood takes the lead.

Durkin stays with her.

Flood looks strong up the hill.

Top of the hill at 800m.

Durkin pursues.

Durkin with Sisson behind.

1000m Durkin retakes the lead.

Infeld in the pack that formed.

Banfich in the same pack at 1000m.

Addison surveys the field.

Oswald at 1000m.

At the halfway point, Durkin has a huge lead.

Flood is next at 2700m

Morgan and Sisson at 2700m

Infeld, Freeland and Banfich at 2700m.

Freeland heads toward mile 2.

Oswald looks strong through 2700m.

Hynes in the mix.

Anderson makes the turn.

Haines hanging tough.

On her way to a course record.

Durkin breaks a 17 year old course record. 17:01

Flood runs well, finishes 41 seconds after Durkin.

Infeld 3rd - 17:44

Sisson returns to San Diego. 4th - 17:45

Morgan 5th - 17:47

Banfich 6th - 17:53

Anderson 7th - 17:55

Oswald 8th - 17:56

Haines 9th - 17:58

Freeland 10th - 18:00

Rebecca Addison 11th - 18:05

Brooklyn Ridder 12th - 18:08