2005 Race Day play by play

800m Ryan leads at 2:36   And The Boys are off!
1200m Ryan, Franeck, Jones 400m Acosta leads . Diego Mercado 2nd
1600m 5:18 split Franeck and Jones close Ryan's gap 800m 2:11 Diego Mercado leads - Acosta - Danny Mercado - Roberts
  Ryan, Franeck, Jones, St. Geme, Hasay, Lawrence, Grinaker 1200m Acosta leads, Diego M, Danny M, Stoughtenburgh, Roberts, Sitler
2000m Ryan pushes to increase lead 1600 4:33 mi split Acosta, Diego, Danny, Sitler, Eaton
Halfway Ryan, Hasay, Lawrence, St. Geme Jones   Eaton joins the front group
  O'Reilly moves into 4th   Diego M, Acosta, Danny M, Roberts Eaton, Coe Stoughtenburg
  Hasay takes the lead Lawrence follows Halfway Acosta opens a lead. Diego,Peacock
  Hasay, Lawrence, Ryan, O'Reilly approaching 2 mile   Acosta, Sitler, Diego, Coe, Peacock
2 mile 11:03 Hasay and Ryan 2 mi Acosta 9:31 Coe 2nd
  Hasay - Ryan - Lawrence - O'Reilly - Grinaker   Acosta opens 20m lead Coe - Peacock - Diego - Ige moves
  Hasay opens lead to 40m heading to hill. Lawrence 2nd. O'Reilly 3rd Ryan 4th   2.5 mi Acosta Coe Peacock 2 man race with Peacock comfortably in 3rd Ige 4th
2.5 mi 2:45 split for Hasay. 8 sec lead 3mi 14:29 Coe makes a move on Acosta
  Hasay - Lawrence - OReilly - Ryan - Scott   Acosta wins Coe 2nd
4400m Hasay - leads by 15 sec

Hasay 16:29 3mi split
Hasay wins 17:04 fastest in 12 years
Lawrence 2nd