1999 National Championships
Photo Gallery

Pictures of individual athletes are listed at the bottom.

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Melissa Donais takes an early lead.

Katie Hartmann pushes the pace.

Michelle de la Vina makes a move.

jacksonleads.jpg (74551 bytes)
Victoria Jackson takes the lead after mile 2.

The West girls win thanks to this pack.

changtrophy.jpg (77899 bytes)
Chang takes the Cup.

Dobson and Rohatinsky set the pace.

dobsonleads.jpg (79928 bytes)
The runners bunch early.

Dobson, Webb, Ritzenhein, Tegenkamp and Sage pack it in at the halfway point.

The pack is still thick just past the 1 mile mark.

Sage makes a move just past the 2 mile mark.

dathanpasses.jpg (64215 bytes)
Ritzenhein passes Dobson.

dathan_kick.jpg (81699 bytes)
Ritzenhein kicks it in.



J. Barchard
D. Barrett
A. Barrientos
T. Bauresieck
C. Benton
R. Brookshire
L. Burdick
M. Cathey
T. Colangelo
D. Coval
A. Craig
M. De La Vina
M. Donais
A. Escobar
V. Flores
A. Glassman
T. Greenless
F. Guliford
S. Haas
G. Harper
K. Hartmann
C. Ingram
J. Jefferson
S. Jefferson
D. Jelley
T. Keller
T. Laird
M. Landreth
M. Lilenthal
J. Mastroianni
J. McLeod
D. Meija
R. Mitchell
T. Mobley
S. Padgett
A. Pape
K. Polizotto
J. Rohatinsky
D. Sage
J. Shoemaker
A. Siraki
E. Swain
M. Tegenkamp
J. Vacek
C. Vachon
A. Webb
H. White
L. Zeigle