Sean McGorty           SO Regional
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National Finish: 2 Time:15:05
Regional Finish: 1 Time:14:28

Hometown: Fairfax, VA
High School: Chantilly High School
Grade: 12
Personal Records:
1600m: 4:09.19

1 mile:

2 mile:
3200m: 9:02.11
5000m: 14:28 (Cross Co

Running Highlights:
  • CC Highlights
  • Track Highlights
  • CC Personal Bests
Placing 10th at Footlocker Nationals last year and becoming an All-American.
Winning Footlocker South and setting a new course record. 
Winning VA states and setting a new course record.
Winning Great American Invitational and setting a new course record.
Running the mile at the Nike Elite Running Camp at the Olympic Trials. 
Placing 6th and becoming an All-American in the Indoor Nationals Mile. 
Winning states in the 3200m. 
Running 4:09 in the 1600m.
14:28, 5000m, McAlpine Greenway Park in Charlotte, NC 
14:43, 5000m, Great American Invitational in Cary, NC 
14:47, 5000m, Great Meadows in The Plains, VA  

Hobbies: Running, Eating, Homework, Sleeping, Hanging with friends

Person would most like to meet: Usain Bolt

Hero: My dad

Most influential person: My parents





Sean McGorty
Overall feelings about the race: I was very happy with how the race went. I thought I was able to execute my race plan to the best of my ability. I gave it my all and in the end Edward had that extra gear and was able to pull away. Looking back on the race I have no regrets and I am happy with how my senior year cross country season ended.
Best part of the race:  The best part of the race I think is the introductions because it is so cool to be introduced for a race and be able to hear everyone's accomplishments. I really think that Foot Locker does a great job with the introductions and that was probably my favorite part of the race.
The FLCC Experience:  My Foot Locker experience has been an amazing one. Being able to come out to San Diego and compete in this race twice have given me memories that I will never forget. Foot Locker really does an amazing job with treating everyone so well. I have had so much fun this weekend and have enjoyed this year even more than last year. I really want to say thank you to Foot Locker for putting together so special.

Personal note:  I just want to say thank you to my family and friends for giving me the best support. They are constantly giving me the support and I really think it has helped me to exceed this season.