Simon Holden           SO Regional
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National Finish: 37 Time:16:16
Regional Finish: 9 Time:15:04

Hometown: Lookout Mountain, GA
High School: Baylor School
Grade: 12
Personal Records:
1600m: 4:17

1 mile: 4:17

2 mile:
3200m: 9:18
5000m: 15:04

Running Highlights:
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  • CC Personal Bests
1st Junior Race Footlocker 2011 with a time of 16:00
1st Disney Wide World of Sports 2012 with a time of 16:06 
1st DII-AA State Champion 2012 with a time of 16:06
9th Footlocker Regional Seeded Race 2012 with a time of 15:04
DII-AA 1600 State Champion 2011 with a time of 4:26 
DII-AA 3200 State Champion 2012 with a time of 19:38 
DII-AA 1600 State Champion 2012 with a time of 4:25 
DII-AA 800 State Champion 2012 with a time of 1:55
15:04, 5000m, McApline Park 
16:06, 5000m, Percy Warner Steeple Chase Park 
16:06, 5000m, Disney's Wide World of Sports  

Hobbies: Kayaking, hanging out with my friends, hanging out with my family

Person would most like to meet: Nelson Mandela

Hero: My older cousin

Superstition: That my bracelet brings good luck

Most influential person: My Mom





Simon Holden
Overall feelings about the race: It went well. I went out a little bit slow. It is a hard course, so I am happy with how I did. Also, the field is super stacked, so I can't be too mad about my finish.
Best part of the race:  The finish was pretty good for me. I was able to pass one guy on my way to the line, and I gained some ground on the other guys ahead of me.
The FLCC Experience:  The experience has been awesome. The food is great and the competitors are super nice. The hotel is amazing as well. Now that the race is over, I can relax and enjoy myself more.

Personal note:  Thanks so much for all the support and encouragement. I am so grateful to have the family and friends that I do. You guys are awesome.