Catarina Rocha           NE Regional
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National Finish: 2 Time:17:29
Regional Finish: 1 Time:17:49

Hometown: Peabody, MA
High School: Peabody High School
Grade: 12
Personal Records:

1 mile: 4:50

2 mile: 10:39

Running Highlights:
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Northeast Region Champion 2012
Mass State Champion 2012 
Mass D1 State Champion 2012
Mass State 2 mile Champion 2012 
13th at New Balance outdoor nationals in 2 mile 2012 
Mass State Champion Indoor Track 1 Mile 2012 
17:20 5k Bradley Palmer in Mass 2012 
17:27 5k Eastern Mass D1 Wrenthan 2012 

Hobbies: Hang with friends

Person would most like to meet: Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan

Hero: parents

Most influential person: parents





Catarina Rocha
Overall feelings about the race: It went really well. I came in second overall so that is very exciting. The pace was fast at first but i was determined to stay in the top 15 the whole race. Last 200 i was in 4th and outkicked the very good midwest girls to come in second. It was a competative race but also really fun!
Best part of the race:  The best part of the race was knowing that i was running with the best cross country runners in the country. It is an honor to know i am among them and able to run with them. Also, the beginning with the introductions is cool too!
The FLCC Experience:  The Foot Locker expeirence is really undecribeable. It is just an awesome expeirence to be part of. From the hotels to the race all of it is really exciting. The best part is meeting all the new people from the different regions and becoming friends with them.

Personal note:  That if you believe in something and set a goal you just need to work at and you will be able to achieve it! Never give up on yourself and keep on believing. Also, thank you for all the support from my city, friends, and especially my whole family!