Chris Alvarado           NE Regional
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National Finish: 39 Time:16:28
Regional Finish: 8 Time:15:49

Hometown: Fairfield, CT
High School: Fairfield College Preparatory School
Grade: 11
Personal Records:
1500m: 4:00
1600m: 4:18

1 mile: 4:19

2 mile:

Running Highlights:
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All-Northeast First Team
All-New England 
Southern Connecticut Conference Champion
2011 State Open 3K Steeplechase Champion 
15:49, 5K, Van Cortland Park 
15:56, 5K, Wilton 

Hobbies: Sports, Concerts, Movies, and Chillin

Person would most like to meet: The Most Interesting Man in the World (dos equis commercial dude)

Hero: Jeremy Lin

Superstition: Narnia

Most influential person: Connor Rog





Chris Alvarado
Overall feelings about the race: I went out way too fast and I sprained my foot during the first 100 meters, but the thought of dropping out never crossed my mind. I ran a 2:12 first 800 and then went through at 4:47 for the first mile which its wicked fast even for a 5k on a track. I wasn't happy with my finish but I am excited to be able to come back next year and use this past experience to do a lot better.
Best part of the race:  The best part of my race was my finish because even though I was a little embarrassed where I was, I still finished fast and strong across the finish line.
The FLCC Experience:  So far my Foot Locker experience has been everything I was told it would be and more. I love everything about this trip and they when they treat everyone like a king and queen is unreal. As a Juinior this year I can't wait to be here next year as a Senior.

Personal note:  Thanks for all the good luck wishes and support everyone has given me, you guys are the best!