Ryan Kromer           MW Regional
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National Finish: 8 Time:15:30
Regional Finish: 7 Time:15:08

Hometown: HUDSON, WI
High School: Hudson High School
Grade: 12
Personal Records:
1600m: 4:14.65

1 mile:

2 mile:
3200m: 9:19.23
5000m: 15:08

Running Highlights:
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WIAA Division 1 state champ

WIAA Division 1 3200m runner up 
WIAA Division 1 1600m 6th Place 
15:08, 5000m, UW-Parkside 
15:28, 5000m, Ridges Golf Course 

Hobbies: going to football games, bowling, tennis, soccer, swimming, xbox

Person would most like to meet: Aaron Rodgers

Hero: Chris Solinsky

Superstition: If i wear gloves during a race, they have to be my baby blue stretchy gloves

Most influential person: My Dad





Ryan Kromer
Overall feelings about the race: It went really well. I got out in the middle of the pack and then started moving up about half way up through the race. My legs felt pretty good until we got to the big hill the second time then it started hurting, but i knew it was all down hill from there so i toughed it out and finished strong for an 8th place finish.
Best part of the race:  The best part of my race had to be the middle of the race when i started moving up and passing the guys who went out too hard
The FLCC Experience:  Foot Locker was awesome. Meeting new friends who have a lot of similar interests and getting to hang out with them for the weekend was so mucn fun. The race itself was one of the most difficult i've ever run, but it was a big relief afterwards when we could jsut relax and enjoy the city

Personal note:  Thanks for all the support! can't wait until track season!