Kramer Morton           WE Regional
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National Finish: 16 Time:15:41
Regional Finish: 7 Time:15:47

Hometown: Sandy, UT
High School: Alta High School
Grade: 11
Personal Records:
1600m: 4:27

1 mile:

2 mile:
3200m: 9:34
5000m: 15:08

Running Highlights:
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Utah 5A Cross Country State Champion
2 Time Region Champion 
Utah 5A State Record Holder on State Course
Park City Invitational 3 mile 15:08 
Utah State Meet 3 mile 15:13 
Nike Southwest Regionals 5000 15:20  

Hobbies: Singing, Basketball, Hanging with Friends

Person would most like to meet: Thomas S. Monson

Hero: My Dad

Most influential person: My Mom





Kramer Morton
Overall feelings about the race: Pretty good I didn't start my kick nearly soon enough because I had way too much energy coming into the finish but I was still happy with my performance but it was truly an honor to be racing with all of these amazing runners.
Best part of the race:  Definitely the last 600 i caught most of the people that I was behind during that time because I love putting everything I have into the last part of the race and passing everyone that I can.
The FLCC Experience:  AMAZING!! My teamates and I developed a great relationship. It was truly an honor to be racing with all these incredible athletes. It was honored to be with all the Asics athletes and had an incredible time

Personal note:  That I love them all so much and I want to thank all the Alta High School Faculty and Staff and student body for making this possible for me and most of all I would like to thank my family for constantly giving me endless support. I love you guys!!!