Midwest Regional

Girls Race

A cold day in the MW.

Waverly Neer warms up.

Kelsey Lakowske (1) and Erin Finn (88) wait for the start.

Osika (2), Finn (88) and Lakowske at the line.
The start
Eleanor Fulton (96)

Handler (111) and Beattie (8)

Anzalone got out quickly.

Anzalone, Handler and Finn @ 300m.
Woodward (262) and Anzalone (23) @ 400m

Jessica Jackson (4) and Osika (2)

Beattie, Jackson, Seidel (11) and Finn

2nd Pack at 1000m

Anzalone and Woodward @ mile 5:49

Just past mile 1 mark



Kelsey Lakowske

Halfway for Beattie, Neer and Osika

Kayla Beattie and Waverly Neel